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DJ Bobby Ewing / BobbyE

DJ Bobby Ewing is a lot like a train. A party train. Electro, acid, house and breaks are the main roads. Usually he stays on track, but from time to time - when the time is right - he goes off the rails on a journey through the never ending musical landscape. Deep space boogie or 80s pop, disco or good ol' funk, B-Boy hip hop or even some soul classics may pass you by (and make you say my, my, my). At the end lies a drum 'n bass-line -- a wake-up call --- and then back on track again. That's why he likes long sets, not to rush, but to take you hand in hand along his all time favourites. But Bobby E. won't change direction just because he wants to. He reads the crowd and tries to find the middle road between crowdpleasing and crowdteasing. Not like a jukebox, more like a Moodselector. Because Bobby E. knows what's good for you. DJ Bobby Ewing is the mixmaster of Discobar Galaxie, a Belgian DJ-trio. He's also part of MARTIANS, former part of the band Shameboy and a remixer.

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