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Mawkish Twaddle

Every Saturday night I'm in a tiny, filthy room in San Francisco's lonely industrial zone pressing buttons that transmit sounds onto two-watt radio station KXSF FM. Mawkish Twaddle features mostly new selections from everyone's favorite subgenres, including indiepop, power and twee pop, art rock, sunshine pop, college rock, and library music. Current post-punk is boring again, so only a bit of that. Egg punk? Yawn! Things you won't ever hear, except for intentional wrong-speed play: blooz rock 'n jamming, overplayed hitz, Tim and Jeff Buckley, and anything with constipated vocals. Bad imitators of The Fall, too (good ones'r OK). Except for year-end shows, I rarely play tracks I've aired before. As of 24 September 2023, I'd spun a total of 13,568 songs since MT began in June 2017. 12,560 of these were unique. Like MES, I dig repetition in the music--but not much! Listen Saturdays from 10 PM to 1 AM (Pacific time) on a radio in SF, or anywhere at or on TuneIn. ❤️ Bob N.

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