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Mawkish Twaddle

From June 2017 to January 2024, I presented Mawkish Twaddle on low-power FM radio station KXSF in San Francisco's Lonely Industrial Zone. Mawkish Twaddle featured mostly new selections from everyone's favorite subgenres, including indiepop, power and twee pop, art rock, sunshine pop, college rock, and library music. Things listeners never heard, except for intentional wrong-speed play: blooz rock 'n jamming, overplayed hitz, Tim & Jeff Buckley, and anything with constipated vocals. Bad imitators of The Fall, too (but good ones were fine). Except for year-end shows, I rarely played tracks I'd aired before. As of the end of the final program on 27 January 2024, I'd spun a total of 14,192 songs. 13,172 of those were unique. All but a handful of the 327 Twaddles are right here. Listen to one or listen to all of them! Just don't try listening to all 327 at once on 327 devices! p.s. Mawkish Twaddle will be back, possibly live-streaming on Mixcloud, a little later in '24. ❤️ Bob N.

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