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Tie One On Tonight

Welcome to Tie One On Tonight! A celebration of country music from the well known to the unknown. I've spent years digging for country vinyl in thrift stores, record stores, yard sales, garbage cans and wherever else might produce a slab of black gold to play for you here, on this show. Subject matter varies from truck driving, drinking, druggin, happiness, sadness, murder, the devil, god, rambling, love, hate, regret, moving on, destruction, etc.. Truth be damned I hope to expose the records that didn't make hits but, are very much the equal of the country stars the bigger lables pushed. Primarily focused on the 1950's - the 1960's I will venture from time to time into the 1940's & 1970's. All of this on vinyl records hand dug by me with the only exception being my segment called New And Blue where I will play one newer artist before playing the saddest damn song of the episode. The newer artist is where I make my only exception for an mp3 type track.

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