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Chris Biskit

Collecting records & spinning the black wax since the 80's, Chris has been part of the dance scene in one way or another for a long time. An avid Italo House & Old Skool Techno fan, plus a collector of the old Boogie & Electrofunk Jams - a real vinyl addiction. In the early part of the 90's & up until this present day, Biskit was, and still is renowned for his passion for the House sound of Italy & his vast knowledge of the sound. He is the creator of the group - Italo House Aficionados. Since the 90's Biskit has been found playing at numerous events & establishments, entertaining people with either the Old Skool House & Techno sound, or the Funky Disco Beats. At one time in Chris’ life, he presented & played as a weekly FM Radio DJ at 102.8 Chorley FM, presenting several different shows over the years. Still obsessed with vinyl, Biskit can either be found deep in a pile of wax, or rotating the black matter on a platter to anybody who still enjoys dancing to proper music!

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