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Bhogle Release

Check Yer Bass Bins , I'm Telling Yah !! N.B Although every care is taken to mix and blend tut vinyl flawlessly occasionaly slips occur :( , please be aware as unless stated these mixtape sessions are held in strict Laboratory conditions with not many Punters or atmosphere , and yer lucky if i am concious or straight , so to make and mix Party Music you need to be on won ? ( This is what we are Researching ) and sum times Oneself looses focus when on won in a box alone so our Research concluded dat unless the Lay Lines , Planets and Tha Vibe is rite in that box and also make sure to keep watered then tis all One can do is to re-create that Flawless Live Party Magic for yew to N-Joi over and over . Soz fer any inconvieniance . Peace x

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