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Taking all my tracks from the past couple years and creating an all round listening and dance list while bringing back some old memories of music ,..At the age of 19 after i won my first Dj competition called Battle of the mobile Dj 's in Le Club 1990 Thereafter i won at Club Thriller , Club Galaxy and represented Cape Town in the battle of the Dj National at Club Palladium in Chatsworth Durban . Thereafter I was the resident Dj at Westridge City and Then Inn on the Plain with my brother Mark who took over from DJ Solly -also i started playing the matinees from 14h00 until 18h00 at westridge City before it became touchdown , I then moved on to Club Manular in Cape town before i finished and became a function Dj. Today mixing tracks for fun and for your pleasure. Look out for more tracks soon - Thanks Bevill

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