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Bessie Woo

Southport UK born and bred, the loveable northern lass Bessie Woo is an artist who has a passion for all things dance. Being influenced by her love of discovering new music, from the classic sounds of global pioneers from the Deep House, House and Disco scene, Bessie Woo is a beacon of energetic light charging up the ranks within the music industry. With a fusion of uplifting elements, groove, swing and a heavy influence of 70s disco, she has performed at events and venues across London. Presenting her weekly radio show on the forever growing Solaris, her streams always leave a trail of so much hype with thousands of views weekly. Her show is broadcasted out to hundreds of countries worldwide and followed by hundreds of online communities. With future goals to release her debut EP on a major label and to also tour the world sharing her talent, love and passion, Bessie Woo is full steam ahead with a hunger to succeed. Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story!

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