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DJ BEANZ, SYDNEY, Australia DJ Beanz started collecting & spinning vinyl records in the mid 90's. Beanz started as a Happy Hardcore DJ, but progressed into other music genres such as Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House, House, Hip House, Old Skool Anthems. Beanz began DJing on a community radio show called CPX/SWRfm mid 1990s. This gave Beanz the exposures he needed, as Beanz went on to DJ at many under ground raves, house parties and other radio stations. Beanz’s DJing will send you on a musical journey that will have you bopping, swaying, jumping, singing and just wanting more. Beanz's top 5 DJs 1. Fatboy Slim 2. Paul Holden 3. Shade 4. Nik Fish 5. Pee Wee Ferris

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