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"I live and die for sweet sweet music, cos music is the essence of my breath", these words from FERTILE GROUND'S LET THE WIND BLOW song can well describe the feeling this lad has for music. Born and bread in cap-city of South Africa,Pretoria, the love of music started from young age by imitating the likes of Micheal Jackson. That being said,the love of Jazz music was brought upon on by his uncles on family gatherings,of which at first he dint quiet get it,but in progression of time,he realised that kind of influence Jazz has on different genrers. He wanted a space were he can share the effect and influence Jazz has on different genrers,whether being Nu-Jazz,House,Soul,Funk,Bossa and all the other kind of music. And to share and pass on ideas,knowledge with fellow music collectors,guest music sessionist come through and Present B Jazzled volumes infused with various sounds influenced by Jazz. Unlimited,uncompromising and well dished up for your listening pleasure. B JAZZLED.

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