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The label was founded under the influence of the dark music conception. The main goal and task of the label are to promote the artists and to give high quality dark music to all those who love and appreciate dark minimal sound. During the making of the label we used the best professionals in this field. The type of music that A.D.Records will produce and release is dark/minimal/techno specifically. We do not want to neglect our principles and produce any other type of music so that we don't destroy the conception of our label. So mates welcome to our team! We would like to present you The Absolutely Dark label based on exceptionally dark minimal techno music. Regarding any questions you may have concerning the label and demo policy please contact us via this email address: [email protected] You are expected to have at least two demo tracks to send us in mp3, 320kbit/s Welcome one more time to our absolutely dark family the label of your future success !

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