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A Bloke Called Rod

Co Founder & Owner of Profoundradio.com ,What can I say? I was born in Armagh Northern Ireland and dragged up on the streets of London in the late 70's and early 80's I first found house music in 1987 one minute I was a football hooligan the next I was a DJ WTF I know! anyway by the time the 90's had arrived I was playing out at a few clubs and raves also had a spot on a couple of pirate radio stations and was signed to a couple of labels Lucky Spin Records and JBL Recordings. one minute I was a DJ the next I was a dad WTF I know! anyway life's ups and downs played there games and the next thing I know I'm the wrong side of 40 WTF I know! happily married to A Woman Called Denise 💥anyway what I'm trying to say is this is me having another go and I hope you enjoy it followers I like listeners I love.... Please enjoy and share For info e-mail [email protected]

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