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Alextatic | Alex Djinn

Alextatic (Kiev, Ukraine) - one of the most famous Ecstatic Dance dj in Ukraine. He is an active participant in many development festivals such as –°arpatian Yoga fest, Skazka fest, Avatar Yoga fest, Relax Tantra Camp, Ecstatic Dance fest and many others healthy lifestyle events. After many years of searching for the application of his DJ skills in many areas of activity and collaboration with other instrumentalists and musicians of the country, Alex found his destiny in the Ecstatic Dance practice, which he met on his journey to Thailand, Asia. This wave of aesthetic musical events like a tsunami covers the whole world and Alex with individual and beautiful manner surf on its crest, organizing ecstatic dances at many venues of the country and promoting the latest musical ideas to the masses, instilling in people aesthetic feeling from the atmosphere and vibrations. Alex Djinn - his alter ego, which you can see in various scene of the modern exhibitions or in art event.

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