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Alex Cruz aka AC Stylez

I was born and raised in New York and my love for music began at a very young age. Most kids at the age of 7 bought toys, I bought 45's. I used to sit by the radio all day listening to 92 KTU, Hot 103, Kiss FM and WBLS recording all the great DJ's on cassettes. It wasn't until my cousin's sweet 16 in 1987 when I witnessed the power of a DJ. Record after record, I saw this guy control the crowd. The very next day I went out a bought my first 12" single. Every dollar I made at the age of 13 went to buying records. At the age of 14, I saved up enough money to buy a Gemini mixer and pair of Gemini turntables. All I did was practice and give away tapes. Since then, I have worked night clubs, bars, lounges and worked as a mobile DJ. Now a family man, my DJ life is now in the backseat, I work full-time, and continue to work as a mobile DJ part-time. In my spare time I produce show tapes for recording artist Safire, remix projects, and make the occasional mix tapes. Please enjoy the mixes!

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