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Alex Asher Daniel

"Known first and foremost as a brilliant American painter of exceptional talent and incredible pith, Alex Asher Daniel occasionally puts down his brushes and palette to create other chef d’oeuvres on the decks, where he’s equally as dextrous and inspiring... setting up camp in cosmopolitan capitals like New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo, where he’s held down residencies at top underground clubs and successfully earned a name for himself in the arenas of art, music and fashion - all three of which coalesce on the dancefloor, guided by his multifaceted artistic sensibilities. The cultural influences and sounds of his host cities are also reflected in his sensuous funk, soul and electronic sets, and past collaborations with the likes of UNKLE, Maxwell and The Big Pink... We look forward to welcoming him back as a guest at subMercer whenever he takes a break from the canvas." -Gabby Mejia Contact: [email protected]

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