by: 80sMixTape

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80sMixTapeThree kicks off with the superb Shep Pettibone remix of New Order's "True Faith". Another prime mover of the Manchester music scene, The Smiths, crop up towards the end of this selection too. Look out for the original version of "Video Killed the Radio Star" by Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club, featuring a young Thomas Dolby on keyboards just before he went solo (ok it's a 1979 track, but I won't tell, if you won't!).

Pop Will Eat Itself's "Grebo Guru" makes an appearance. If you don't know what a grebo is, trust me you don't want to know (I expect you'll google it anyway).

We round of MixTapeThree with The Waitresses "Square Pegs" - the theme tune to the great 80s School sitcom of the same name. Whatever happened to Sarah Jessica Parker?

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