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DJ Røsskid

DJ Røsskid was born in Chicago, IL at South Chicago Hospital now known as Trinity Hospital on Chicago’s Eastside near Commercial and Jeffery in November of 1985 to Bernadette Barnes. Bernadette raised Røsskid by herself as a single mother in his earlier stages of life. In his younger teenage years around age 14, Røsskid struggled with family and street issues while growing up in Chicago, IL and its neighboring suburbs. With lack of emotional support at home he found himself in trouble most the time in the streets and at school. Røsskid found guidance from his older cousin Jason ‘Benjamin Green’ Johnson after suggestions were made to help him focus and get on a better path. It was then when Røss’s career started to take form in its beginning stages were he learned the skills of deejaying, songwriting, engineering, and music production. Along with receiving mentor service from his cousin, he also was introduced to the industry. In his introduction stage he met some of Chicago’s biggest n

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