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Boora (Moscow) Bio: Boora, a.k.a. Alexander Oleynik (born in Tilsit, now Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Region), started his career as a DJ and later as beatmaker. He performs with such instruments as ROLAND JP-8000, EMU SP1200 and AKAI MPC 3000. Boora has been member of King Underground Records ( as well as part of big ННХ family ( ) and DOPE 90 community ( He became famous in Russia after a series of beat tapes entitled THE ART OF 10 SECONDS that have a specific feature – all the beats were made using solely EMU SP1200 that allows sampling 10 seconds only. The second feature of this beat tape is that it has been based on Soviet samples that identified its style. The world recognized him from the LP called "Soundogolism" , released by King Underground Records.

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