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DJ Sean_SS

Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, IL. started DJing in 1985 at age 15 and played nothing but house music. Then as years past I wanted to play more then just house music...I wanted to play Hip Hop,R&B,Country,Dub Step,Dance,Pop and Rock,Techno,EDM etc and be able to do it all in a DJ set. I promise myself its two things I would never do 1.DJ using a computer and 2.NO! matter what I play I will always make a tight transition and never slam a song. It's all about the blend from one song to another with me. Equipment consist of a set of Denons SC5000M players & RMX90DVS Reloop mixer. I love to DJ with bands for non-stop music. I've played in Las Vegas,Colorado,Indiana Toby Keith Bar-n-Grille Rosemont IL., Victoria Secrets in Downtown Chicago IL. and sport bars all over my city and suburbs. I also thought a DJ class for two years to kids at the Beverly Art Center. Btw I'm also known as DJ Spin'n Spur'z (When i'm rocking country music).

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