Home Alone

by: 2 Dudes and a NES

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Are you like the Dudes? Do you watch Home Alone all year round? Even when it's not Christmas time? Is your play count on the movie above 500? Well, then why not join Michael and Justin as they discuss the NES adaptation of the movie?

Made by (now) famous development studio Bethesda Softworks. This game was voted on by you, the D-Padders, as the 2nd most wanted game for us to talk about. Interesting...

Michael and Justin may not have been huge fans of this game but could certainly see why someone would want to play it for nostalgia purposes. So listen in to this episode and also, it's generating a lot of buzz in our brand new High Score Group so come check that out. We also discuss our Patreon campaign a little bit further.

Retrofitted Trophies:

7 Going on 30 - Beat the game

Moonwalking - Do the moonwalk in the treehouse

Game Rating:

Type of Trap:

Michael: Bear trap

Justin: Mouse trap