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It´s time 2CelebrateMusic ! and I really... love Mixcloud !!! <3 (this is a real great platform with the BEST INTERNATIONAL Dj-Sets...) My philosophy?! ... loving Music! especially ... Deep, Dark, Underground House, NuDisco, TechHouse, DeepTech, Progressive House, ORIENTAL House, Techno, Lounge & Chillout Music (and many more (sub-)genres...) More Music & Inspiration! ? Here we go: - http://www.soundcloud.com/2CelebrateMusic - http://www.twitter.com/2CelebrateMusic - http://www.youtube.com/2CelebrateMusic - http://instagram.com/2CelebrateMusic - https://www.facebook.com/2CelebrateMusic/ - http://dj.beatport.com/2celebratemusic my latest Video here on #YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqbFDCbI1u8 The latest Tech News frequently here now on this side... www.facebook.com/DJandMusicTechNews/ ♫ ★ Big Thx 2 my loyal Music friends... around the globe ★ ♫ https://www.youtube.com/user/2CelebrateMusic/Videos

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