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First off i LOVE music! I have been a drummer for over 25 years. Thats crazy to even type that! lol. In 2015 i was intruduced to djing. Djing was something I've always wanted to do but was very intimidated by the gear and how to actually mix songs together. I had a really good friend allow me to watch and hang out while he would dj a venues in in San Marcos, TX. He "showed" me the ropes and from time to time I would bring the Native Instruments Maschine Micro Mk2 and he would spin the music and I would add the mix Live drums with the beat machine. One night we had a Mic Dj and he asked me, "hey, what is your Dj name"? I looked at him and stared for a second and Dj Beats was what came to mind and thats how my dj name came about. So back to 2015, after a few months of tag teaming with DJ Z I decided I wanted to make the jump and I bought the Traktor S4 MK2. I did a lot of research found this to be the best board for me. It was a perfect integration the beat Maschine. - Dj Beats

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