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Https://soundcloud.com/13xmusic for original tracks / remixes. NEW RADIO SHOW: Schrodinger's Box every Monday 22:00 and Thursday 23:00 GMT on http://peakcity.co.uk/ VIDEOS: GLITCHEZ @ https://www.youtube.com/user/dwb13x and GLITCHARTZ: @ www.facebook.com/katt13xartz/ ** Basically, this page is gonna be used for all radio shows, mixtapes, whatever. Love Grunge / Goth / Industrial / E.B.M. /Punk /Glitch / D'N'B / Dubstep, and anything dark and twisted! Much love to Diakon/Breakmagos and Demeter, and STR255! Just a multi instrumentalist trans on a trip. Never limit yourself to just one kind of music. How can you be a music lover? Peace x

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