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100 and 20 Minutes

We play what we consider to be the best in classic, vintage, and contemporary pop and rock. We commenced on NCB Radio in February 2021, utilising SAM Broadcaster via FTTP. The show includes three formal features and one informal feature. Our formal features are Back To Back: two tracks consecutively by one act; Under Cover: an original artist and a cover of one of their tracks; and The Last Waltz: two tracks for lovers, the lonely, or the lost. Our informal feature is the Opening Section where one or two tracks form the opening to each show. From time to time there will be special versions of the show which may have a theme, celebrate a season, be aired outside our usual times, and even suspend our normal format. Occasionally a pre-recorded show may be used in an emergency, but whatever type of show you hear, each 100 and 20 Minute Show will be curated by your host, Geoff Boswell.

Recent Mixes