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Enjoying music since 1989 ——- VAS ——- Was born in Spain, but his restlessness and insatiable taste for new rhythms and musical genres led him around the world. Right now he is one of the most active DJs in Chiang Mai ( Northern Thailand ) resident DJ in Sangdee and having played in big lots different events such as Jai Thep Festival, Electric Valley, Dreamscape, Lost in Jungle and many more.He entered the rave scene 14 years ago and since then electronic music has been one of his greatest motivations, growing in creative and new ways all the time. No particular genre, more of a stylish mix of organic and instrumental music such as African and South American beats, reagge/Dub , electro swing or house - all the way to accelerated rhythms like tech-house, jungle / drum and bass or psytrance). In his sets we find classic tracks that will take us back to nostalgic moments mixed with rhythms loaded with great bass lines . For sure he will makes us dance with a huge smile on our faces.

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